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Street Photography Workshop

  • Days: 1

Course Details

This exclusive one-day course is suitable for photographers of all levels whether amateur of professional, and aims to introduce you to the exciting and popular genre of Street Photography. You can bring along any camera from a simple compact camera to a DSLR. Gary exclusively uses a variety of Fuji cameras, but any make of camera are welcome.

The day will begin in the classroom where you will be shown the work of the masters of street photography and discuss how they got their shots, and what lead them to such brilliant images. We will then move on to the optimum camera set ups, how to photograph subjects, and your legal rights.

There will then follow after lunch a substantial practical session followed back in the classroom with a critique of the work you produced. You will then receive suggestions for how to keep progressing and improving, and ways to iron out any problems you experienced.

The focus of this course is not on technical ability but on developing the creative side of your photography.

Course Content:

In the classroom (2hrs approx.):

  • What is street photography?
  • A look at both past masters and contemporary street photographers.
  • Best cameras to use, the camera setups and lenses.
  • How to act in the street and what your legal rights are.
  • Methods to discover and find suitable subjects.

Lunch break

In the street, practical session (2 hrs approx.):

  • What do street photographers see that others don’t?
  • How to photograph people without feeling intimidated.
  • You will learn how to anticipate and capture that decisive moment.
  • Practical advice as you shoot.

Back in the classroom (1hr):

  • Review of participants' photographs from the day.
  • Guidance on how to improve and where to go to keep getting your pictures.

Requirements: Digital SLR camera / Mirrorless camera/ Bridge camera / Compact camera


Gary Perlmutter

Gary Perlmutter

Gary is a London-based professional photographer, known mainly for his portrait and event photography. However, he has been a photographer for some 40 years and in that time has covered a huge variety of commissions.

The common denominator in his photography is his love of people, photographing families, corporates and politicians, capturing them at work and at play.

When not working on paid commissions, Gary loves to spend his time in London enjoying his passion of street photography which has been published in books and magazines across the world, and exhibited at a number of London galleries.

When not behind the camera, Gary is commissioned to write on a monthly basis for an online photography magazine.

Gary has taught photography since 2014, and past students have found him to be approachable, down to earth, passionate about his subject and extremely knowledgeable.