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Product Photography From The Ground UpProduct Photography From The Ground UpProduct Photography From The Ground Up

Product and Still Life

Product Photography From The Ground Up

  • Days: 1

Course Details

Formerly Nikon UK’s Advisor of Photography, author of over a dozen books, and an experienced presenter, John Clements hosts this ground breaking course on product photography from the ground up.

This seminar will focus on the following elements:

  • Composition, angles and focus point
  • Background options
  • Placing the product and equipment
  • Practical camera modes
  • Getting the right exposure
  • Getting accurate or desired colour through white balance/colour settings
  • How to minimize post capture correction
  • Lighting choice - ambient
  • Lighting choice - portable flash
  • Lighting choice - studio lighting
  • Utilizing common lighting accessories
  • Creating the desired shape, line and form
  • Dealing with reflections
  • Lighting different subjects - how and why
  • The best depth-of-field usage
  • Basic post production correction
  • Producing the right file for the right use
  • Tethered shooting
  • File storage and retrieval
  • Useful third-party accessories


John Clements

John Clements

As a pro photographer, his client list includes those from the corporate world, well known people, to the Great British public. 

He has photographed across a wide genre of people and non people photography. 

In addition, formerly Nikon UK’s ‘Advisor Of Photography’ for a number of years, a respected and privileged position, he continues to work in a consultancy capacity with a number of imaging companies. 

Author of over a dozen books, John has also widely written and road tested equipment for a significant number of photo magazines through the years.

A very experienced presenter, combining this vast technical knowledge and shooting experience, his workshop and seminar presentations excite people, with its clear, concise, motivational, and very approachable style.