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Milky Way, Aurora & Night PhotographyMilky Way, Aurora & Night PhotographyMilky Way, Aurora & Night PhotographyMilky Way, Aurora & Night Photography


Milky Way, Aurora & Night Photography

  • Days: 1

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This workshop is all about taking a 'shot in the dark'!

Shooting landscapes and skies at twilight and into full darkness actually requires far less  'fancy equipment' then most people think.

The truth is that ANYONE can take spectacular looking images during those hours of the night when most photographers have gone home.

Most photographers shy away from night photography because of their fear of 'noise' in their images.

I don't – and neither should you, because there are shooting and processing techniques that you can use that will remove virtually all noise from your images WITHOUT using any 'detail killing' noise reduction software.

Knowing exactly how to set up your equipment is one part of the puzzle, and processing the images is the other.

Once you know how to do these two simple things, producing superb looking high quality images of natures wonders such as the Milky Way and the Aurora will become childs play to you.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

Take photographs of the night sky with pin-sharp stars.

How to focus your lens in the dark.

How to find the Milky Way in the night sky before you can actually see it.

When to expect 'lens fogging' and how to avoid it.

How to shot creative star-trails around the Pole Star.

How to remove 'noise' from your images WITHOUT noise reduction, keeping all the details and colours of the night sky.

When, and when NOT to use your cameras built-in long exposure noise reduction – and what it actually does.

*For Mac users – how to use the Starry Landscape Stacker app.

How items such as sensor diagonal pixel count, focal length and even latitude effect your images.

Simple Lightroom and Photoshop techniques to hone and perfect your twilight and night sky images.

How to use free software like Stellarium and The Photographers Ephemeris in conjunction with online light pollution maps and weather forecasts to help you find the best times and places to take photographs.

*A lot of the techniques you will learn in this workshop will be equally useful when shooting nightime urban landscapes etc.

Getting clear viewing condition of wonders such as the Milky Way here in the UK can always be problematic due to weather and moon phase. So when perfect conditions do arrive you need to be prepared!

And for those traveling to image the Aurora Borealis in Iceland or Norway then your investment in the travel needs to pay off – you need to know how to take the shots long before you get there!



Andy Astbury

Andy Astbury

Andy is a full-time natural history and landscape photographer and a globally recognised specialist teacher of Lightroom, Photoshop, Printing, Colour Management and camera technique.

He has been taking pictures for a living since the late 1970's after studying photography for 3 years at college and acquiring his City & Guilds 744.

He teaches in his own inimitable style, and breaks tasks down into their simplest components – nothing in photography is difficult, it can be as tedious or as simple as you care to make it.

After over 30 years in the business he knows virtually every tip and trick in the book on how to get what you want from both your camera and your processing.

Andy teaches you how to keep things both simple and effective, so making better use of your available time, both behind the camera and in front of your monitor.