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Creative Hollywood Beauty and Fashion Lighting Master ClassCreative Hollywood Beauty and Fashion Lighting Master Class


Creative Hollywood Beauty and Fashion Lighting Master Class

  • Days: 1

Course Details

In this Hollywood style Beauty lighting Master workshop you will learn how to create different styles of lighting for beauty and editorial fashion images! This is a very much a hands on workshop and each attandee will get the opportunity to work one to one with our brilliant professional model!

Also included in this workshop you will be guided through:

  • Model posing techniques and how to confidently give direction
  • Learning how to use different focal length lenses
  • Using different shutter speeds & apertures and how they can effect your image
  • How to use different lighting modifiers to create mood and atmosphere
  • In-camera editing

Under direction (and with time permitting) you will also be given the opportunity to create your own lighting set up and shoot the end result!

The objective of this workshop is to build your confidence in working with professional studio lighting and also directing a professional model.


Jon Gray FBIPP is a self-employed professional photographer with over 30 years experience, working in the highly competitive world of Fashion and Advertising industry.

His commissions have taken him all over the world, shooting for a wide range of clients; Gucci, B.P. Dunlop, Ferrari, P&O, the BBC, British Airways and Saatchi’s.

Jon has also had several features on his work in professional photography magazines both in the UK, Europe and in China.

With his extensive knowledge, Jon has also produced two Fashion & Beauty lighting teaching DVDs and two Books published on Glamour and Beauty photography.

He is now using his wide range of experience to teaching students and fellow professionals!