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Classic and Creative Dance Lighting WorkshopClassic and Creative Dance Lighting WorkshopClassic and Creative Dance Lighting WorkshopClassic and Creative Dance Lighting Workshop

Flash and Lighting

Classic and Creative Dance Lighting Workshop

  • Days: 1

Course Details

During this fun and practical workshop you will learn how to light dancers along with creating multi image and strobe effects!

Working with a top experienced dancer, I will be demonstrating how to create interesting dance multi image techniques.

After each set up you will get the opportunity to work with the model on a one to one basis, creating classic and creative dance images, using various lighting techniques and modifiers!

You will need to bring along a DSLR and 24mm to 105mm lens or equivelent prime. You will also require a tripod a cable release or if available the rear curtain facility on your camera.

This would be a brilliant seminar for anyone wanting to learn the process of strobe photography, creative lighting, full length portraiture, photographing dancers and a photographer wanting to try something a bit different!


Jon Gray FBIPP is a self-employed professional photographer with over 30 years experience, working in the highly competitive world of Fashion and Advertising industry.

His commissions have taken him all over the world, shooting for a wide range of clients; Gucci, B.P. Dunlop, Ferrari, P&O, the BBC, British Airways and Saatchi’s.

Jon has also had several features on his work in professional photography magazines both in the UK, Europe and in China.

With his extensive knowledge, Jon has also produced two Fashion & Beauty lighting teaching DVDs and two Books published on Glamour and Beauty photography.

He is now using his wide range of experience to teaching students and fellow professionals!