Calumet Photographic

Welcome to Calumet Academy

Here at Calumet we are excited to offer a wide range of exclusive seminars and workshops across our nationwide stores, hosted by photography professionals from across the industry.

The courses range from introductory topics like learning the basics of your DSLR and getting into travel photography, right through to advanced subjects like Lighting and Portraiture Masterclasses.

Increasing your creative knowledge and technical abilities will maximise your skills to create superb images across a range of genres, whilst ensuring that you are making the most of the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

Our Academy website is constantly being updated with new and exciting events so do continue to check back to see the latest events that are happening near you.

You can make all bookings via this site, but if you do need any assistance or require further information then speak to your local store or contact our team on 0333 003 5000.