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Wedding Photography ‘The Foundation Day’ From The Ground-Up…Wedding Photography ‘The Foundation Day’ From The Ground-Up…Wedding Photography ‘The Foundation Day’ From The Ground-Up…Wedding Photography ‘The Foundation Day’ From The Ground-Up…


Wedding Photography ‘The Foundation Day’ From The Ground-Up…

  • Days: 1

Course Details

Are you shooting a one off wedding for friends or family? Maybe you are ready to take the plunge into full or part time wedding photography? Or perhaps you have recently kick started a wedding business and want to double check things and move rapidly forward? 

With experience over decades of shooting weddings, John Clements ’Wedding Photography Foundation Day’ is the perfect template to help you through the ‘big day’. 

It is not just for those starting out, but those already working in the genre who wish to cement their techniques, approach and consider adding new ideas.

A good wedding photographer needs to know not just about their kit, but the techniques to employ with it and when.

Time management and organisational skills come to the fore, not forgetting the fundamentals of how to deal with different people as individuals or groups.

Step - by -step, this course guides you through the what, how, when and why shots of the big day. Plus many real world aspects that only experience reveals.

With a wonderful mix of example images, technique explanations and shooting on the day, it allows delegates to see, and then practice the core skills.

Some Key Aspects Covered: 

  • Clients - what you need to communicate.
  • Your pre-wedding day planning & preparation.
  • Your shooting order/list.
  • Working out your timings.
  • Dealing with people such as officials, catering and venue staff.
  • How exactly to get those shots before, during, and after the service.
  • Equipment choices - what you really need in cameras, lenses and flash.
  • The specifics of how shots are created.
  • How to use portable flash quickly but well - inside and out.
  • Setting-up the formal shots.
  • Capturing those ‘reportage’ images.
  • Important story telling ‘extra’ images.
  • Composition and posing tips.
  • ‘Wedding Bells’…more creative shots of the bride when there is time.
  • The main men, shooting images of the groom and his best men.
  • Dealing with different wedding approaches and the shots they need.
  • Telling the day's story.
  • Maximise your working with a second shooter.
  • Why sun, wind or rain cannot stop you.
  • Some nice touches.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • Initial workflow post shoot.


John Clements

John Clements

As a pro photographer, his client list includes those from the corporate world, well known people, to the Great British public. 

He has photographed across a wide genre of people and non people photography. 

In addition, formerly Nikon UK’s ‘Advisor Of Photography’ for a number of years, a respected and privileged position, he continues to work in a consultancy capacity with a number of imaging companies. 

Author of over a dozen books, John has also widely written and road tested equipment for a significant number of photo magazines through the years.

A very experienced presenter, combining this vast technical knowledge and shooting experience, his workshop and seminar presentations excite people, with its clear, concise, motivational, and very approachable style.