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Stock and Travel Photography

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I usually hold my Stock and Travel seminars on separate days at Calumet. There are though a few subjects that necessarily appear in both events; shooting for travel stock, selling Licensed or royalty free, model & property releases for example. Without leaving much out it is just possible to combine the two events into this one seminar.

For years I have been earning a significant proportion of my professional income from Stock and Travel photography. At this seminar I open my largest stock sales account (a six figure sum) and I show you exactly what has sold, to whom and for how much. My portfolio covers most subjects that sell in libraries; food, still life, street, lifestyle, models as well as travel. I also sell pictures and features to travel guides and magazines and we will examine how to get published in those markets.

Here are some of the other subjects I will be covering:

  • How to get your work seen
  • How to research and find ideas , how to find clients who want them how and how to approach them.
  • Which picture libraries to join or avoid
  • Should I sell Licensed or Royalty Free
  • Which areas of stock make the most money
  • How to shoot lifestyle pictures and source models and people for them
  • Model and property releases
  • Where are there gaps in the market
  • What are the markets for Travel photographs
  • Where you should visit and what destinations are in demand.

If you want to start earning some money from your photography or just sell more pictures this is an essential event.

‘‘Martin Norris is exceptionally good at putting information and ideas across and also very generous with the professional information he shares.’'


Martin Norris

Martin Norris

Martin Norris has been a professional photographer for 25 years, shooting in his London studio and on location around the world.

Over the years his photographs have appeared in all of the national newspapers, hundreds of magazines and thousands of books.

Martin brings his informed knowledge and accumulated experience of studio, people and travel photography to all of his seminars and workshops.

Presented in a friendly and enthusiastic style that is clear and informative his events inspire everyone; from keen amateur photographers who just enjoy their creative pastime to those who want to, or already are, making money from their pictures.