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Nikon & Canon Flashes Of InspirationNikon & Canon Flashes Of InspirationNikon & Canon Flashes Of InspirationNikon & Canon Flashes Of Inspiration

Flash and Lighting

Nikon & Canon Flashes Of Inspiration

  • Days: 1

Course Details

From the beginner, to the enthusiast or pro, this ground breaking course demystifies the enticing and exciting world of portable flash photography. 

Essential for anyone wishing to understand and master what their Canon ‘Speedlite’ or Nikon ‘Speedlight’ systems can do; it covers lots of useful ground no matter your camera or flash brand.

Starting with clear basics, then moving logically and progressively further, this hands-on workshop combines clear explanations with example images, plus practical sessions to see and explore the potential.

Informative and fun, this day shares those real world skills and techniques, that make portable flash a friend, not a foe.

Ideal for those needing to understand equipment operation, plus those wishing to improve their techniques and shooting possibilities with flash.

It shows how to maximise on camera flash shooting - either indoors or out - such as those capturing portrait, wedding, fashion, PR and press photography. Close-up, travel and landscape photography also come under the spot light.

The day also explains and explores the capabilities of off camera ‘wireless’ flash shooting, and delegates leave with some fine examples of what can be created. 

John’s experience is very hard to match, combined with easy to follow advice, and interesting picture taking, it makes for a highly respected workshop.

(N.B. Delegates are requested to bring a flash unit and a camera/portrait or mid-range zoom lens along).

Content Includes:

  • A quick overview of flash and how it works.
  • Understanding a flash unit’s controls and information displays.
  • Understanding your options with camera exposure modes and other camera settings combined with flash.
  • Flash unit exposure modes - what they can and can’t do.
  • Working with flash inside.
  • Understanding & using fill-in flash techniques.
  • Demonstration of lighting quality, and how to control it.  
  • Real world guidance and demonstration of practical lighting solutions for common situations.
  • The beauty of ‘Synchronisation’ speeds.
  • Wireless off camera flash shooting - shaping your light and subjects.
  • Useful third party light shaping tools.
  • Q & A throughout.


John Clements

John Clements

As a pro photographer, his client list includes those from the corporate world, well known people, to the Great British public. 

He has photographed across a wide genre of people and non people photography. 

In addition, formerly Nikon UK’s ‘Advisor Of Photography’ for a number of years, a respected and privileged position, he continues to work in a consultancy capacity with a number of imaging companies. 

Author of over a dozen books, John has also widely written and road tested equipment for a significant number of photo magazines through the years.

A very experienced presenter, combining this vast technical knowledge and shooting experience, his workshop and seminar presentations excite people, with its clear, concise, motivational, and very approachable style.