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Creative Fashion Portraits

  • Days: 1

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This exclusive workshop, run by our very own professional portraiture photographer Matt Mchugh, will give you an amazing insight into the world of fashion portrait photography.

Matt has an educational background in photography and a real passion for the industry. He has photographed many famous celebrities including the likes of Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger and Claire Krammer.

This Immersive workshop will involve shooting in a studio using one and two light setups and a number of different lightshaping tools. You will also have the chance to work with gels and macro photography with a fashion theme.

During the day you will be working with a number of different fashion models, giving you a real hands on approach.

This informative and eye opening course is ideal for the keen enthusiast, amateur, or even the professional photographer.


Matt Mchugh

Matt Mchugh

I first started to study photography in school, and from there my passion grew and grew.

Alongside my studies I was soon photographing stars like Calire Krammer (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) in my spare time, and working in photography retail in order to learn first-hand about the photography industry.

After finishing my GCSE’s, I moved onto college to study photography as an A level, and then as a Higher National Diploma. It was around this time that I was offered a position at Calumet where I have been working for the past five years.

I am an extremely creative individual and love to challenge myself by creating new lighting set ups and new themed ideas around my photos.

I have had images published in Photoplus, in local magazines and newspapers and on the cover of the Calumet Flash Magazine.