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Auto Focus for Wildlife and Action PhotographyAuto Focus for Wildlife and Action PhotographyAuto Focus for Wildlife and Action PhotographyAuto Focus for Wildlife and Action Photography

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Auto Focus for Wildlife and Action Photography

  • Days: 1

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In this workshop we will learn and understand how our Nikon and Canon auto focus systems work. And how to get the very best out of it for wildlife and sports/action photography.

Both Nikon and Canon systems will be covered, including the new EOS 5D Mark IV, the EOS 1DX Mark II and the Nikon D5 and D500.

Photographing subjects moving quickly and directly towards the camera is the “Holy Grail” of any type of action photography, and achieving frame-consistent sharp focus becomes increasingly more difficult the closer the subject is to the camera, and the faster the subject is moving.

Your auto focus system has two components to it; real-time, and predictive. These two components are dependent on each other, and if they are not working in harmony, or collectively their settings are not suitable for the subject’s movement, then the resulting image sequences will be disappointing.

We will learn how correct focus is affected by:

  • Focal length
  • Aperture & Depth of Field
  • Subject Size & Distance
  • Direction of Subject Movement
  • Subject Speed
  • Frame Rate & Shutter Lag 

Understanding how your auto focus system works will enable you to understand the individual auto focus controls; this in turn will make it easier for you to modify your auto focus settings to suit the subject you are shooting at the time. The end result will be more consistently sharp images.

This workshop particularly applies to long telephoto action photography with:

Canon EOS 1DX,1DX Mark II, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV and 7D Mark II.

Nikon D5, D4, D4S, D3, D3S, D800, D800E, D810, D500, D610 and D700 range.

So if you own 'long glass' and one or more of these cameras, or are thinking of buying one, then you cannot afford to miss this workshop.


Andy Astbury

Andy Astbury

Andy is a full-time natural history and landscape photographer and a globally recognised specialist teacher of Lightroom, Photoshop, Printing, Colour Management and camera technique.

He has been taking pictures for a living since the late 1970's after studying photography for 3 years at college and acquiring his City & Guilds 744.

He teaches in his own inimitable style, and breaks tasks down into their simplest components – nothing in photography is difficult, it can be as tedious or as simple as you care to make it.

After over 30 years in the business he knows virtually every tip and trick in the book on how to get what you want from both your camera and your processing.

Andy teaches you how to keep things both simple and effective, so making better use of your available time, both behind the camera and in front of your monitor.